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The early years of the Florida land boom saw the development of a town originally called Brooklyn. But in 1921, J.J. Lawrence, of Pittsburgh, Pa., settled there and was responsible for the adoption of the present name in honor of his home state, which is called the "Keystone State". Keystone Heights was incorporated in 1925.

The Keystone Inn, which was located across the Keystone Beach on South Lawrence Boulevard was built in the early 20's as were roads and several of Keystone's first homes. The Keystone Inn celebrated its grand opening on January 1, 1924.  In the early days well up into the late 40's and early 50's, it was the focal point of many social activities within the community.

The following is a reproduction of a publication dated July 4, 1975 published by the City of Keystone Heights in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the incorporation of the City of Keystone Heights.

This publication was requested by the mayor of Keystone Heights, Raymond Starnes, and the mayor's Blue Ribbon Committee.  The committee was selected by the mayor to help plan and coordinate the city's 50th Anniversary with the annual Our Country Day celebration on July 4th.

In the very short time available to gather information from old timers, research records, obtain/select photos, verify facts and edit material, it was quickly realized the publication could serve only as an historical outline.  Likewise, it could not be errorless.  With these realizations, the task of "putting it all together" got underway.

Possibly, and hopefully, an indepth history of Keystone Heights will be undertaken soon.  Perhaps this publication will serve as a beginning point.

A sincere thank you is extended to all the kind people who have furnished material and shared memories.

On behalf of the mayor, the Blue Ribbon Committee, and all those involved in producing this publication, we hope you enjoy looking at some photos and reading about Keystone's 50 Great Years, 1925-1975.

A.E. (Bud) Anthony

Chairman 50th Anniversary

Down Memory Lane