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Keystone Heights Community

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Keystone Heights has a City Council form of government, represented by a mayor and four council members, all elected at large who serve three year terms. Those elected council members are assigned areas of responsibility by the mayor and act as Department Heads for the assigned area such as Public Safety, Public Works, Recreation, Finance, Waste Management, Personnel, Cemetery, Code Enforcement and Environmental.The Keystone Heights community is comprised of both the residents within the city limits and the territory on the outskirts within the zip code 32656. The city of Keystone Heights does not have it’s own police department. Police services are provided by the county.There are a number of civic and social organizations - The Women's Club, Rotary Club, Lions Club, Kiwanis Club, Senior Services Center and the Keystone Lake Region Business Association.  Recreational opportunities include a public beach with shaded picnic tables, tennis courts, a golf course open to the public, many lakes providing ample opportunities for fishing, boating and water skiing, nature trails.Keystone Heights also has it’s own Business Association, The Keystone Lake Region Business Association, which is actively involved in our community, and exists to support the people who make the Lake Region such a wonderful area to call "Home".Keystone also has it’s own airport straddling both Clay and Bradford counties. More information can be found about the Keystone Heights Airport on our airport page.Keystone is also a "commuters town" since many of the residents commute daily to work within a 50-mile radius surrounding the city. The town sits between two main Florida cities, Gainesville to the Southwest and Jacksonville to the Northeast. Also, about 15 miles to the west of Keystone Heights is Starke, FL.

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This site is not the official site of the City of Keystone Heights, FL. It is provided to enable residents, visitors and those considering relocating to Keystone Heights, FL to have access to information pertaining to our Lake Area. Anyone possessing information that could be valuable and that is in keeping with the purpose of this site can submit their request by emailing the webmaster through the link provided to that effect. For information on Keystone Heights businesses, you may visit the website The owner of this website reserves the right to refuse to publish any and all information that is deemed to be unrelated to its purpose, or which contains offensive or inappropriate content for the benefit of the community. For information on the Starke area click here.

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