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  • Keystone Heights, established 1925
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Located in northeast Florida at the southern end of Clay County, Keystone Heights is a small town where family values still abound. Its landscape includes numerous lakes, parks and recreation areas as well as a quaint downtown area where residents shop. The Keystone residents value their community and are active in all areas including schools, sports, churches, library and local events. It's a place for neighbors to meet neighbors, and a town where people from around the World are welcomed as well. Combine these desirable lifestyle elements with the important facilities located within our community, and one begins to understand why this community has achieved the rate of constant growth it has over the past five years.

Keystone is also a "commuters town" since many of the residents commute daily to work within a 50-mile radius surrounding the city. The town sits between two main Florida cities, Gainesville to the Southwest and Jacksonville to the Northeast.

Keystone Heights housing is comprised of single-family homes, retirement communities and mobile home parks.

An abundance of lakes dot the landscape in and around Keystone Heights. The area serves as a recharge area for the Florida Aquifer. Many of the lakes are clear sand bottom lakes. The area is frequently referred to as the "Lake Area". As a matter of fact, many businesses have included "Lake Area ....." into their business name.

There is a large RV park just west of Keystone Heights. They are one of our sponsors and you may find additional information about the RV park by visiting their website. Just click on their ad on any page to be taken to their website.

As you can see by the number of real estate office sponsors, we have an active market for a small town. There is also an abundance of civic organizations as well as places of worship. Look around a bit and see all the Keystone Heights has to offer!

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