Keystone Heights


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people & lake

Most of Keystone Heights' lakes do not have a creek or stream to supply them with water. They are sometimes referred to as “seepage lakes”. This seepage comes from what is known as the Surficial Aquifer. The Surficial Aquifer gets its water from the water table and from the pressurized waters from the Floridan Aquifer and the Intermediate Aquifer. The lakes in Keystone Heights are very unique in the fact that they serve as a recharge to the Floridan Aquifer by capturing rainfall and slowly seeping down into the aquifer. 

The Keystone Heights Lake Area has an active Association, the Save Our Lakes, Inc. Organization, whose purpose is of maintaining and enhancing the quality of life for Lake Property owners in and around the City of Keystone Heights, Florida. For complete information about their goals, findings and reports, click on the link above to visit their website where you will find valuable and accurate information about the Greater Keystone Heights Area lakes. Links are also provided for the St John River Water Management District as well as the Florida Lake Watch.

  • Lake Brooklyn behind Sabo's 1998
  • Lake Brooklyn 2005
  • Brooklyn Bridge 2010
  • Lake Brooklyn 2010
  • Lake Geneva
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